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After a move to Walthamstow, WSW co-founder, Mark, set himself the challenge to bring one of his passions, street art to his new neighbourhood.

Through social media he connected with STATIC (Tom and Craig), Walthamstow residents, working in nearby Hackney Wick, wanting to make the leap to outdoor art. The group shared a passion for street art but more importantly held a mutual desire to make a positive impact through art.

Regeneration in Hackney Wick was pushing Tom and Craig out of their studio and wanting to work we they live, it quickly became clear that there was an acute lack of affordable creative space in Waltham Forest. A crowdfunding campaign was launched to repurpose an abandoned building near Wood Street into a creative hub. Street art was the focal point to raise awareness of the growing need for artistic space in London and to demonstrate the positive the creative community has on an area.

Working with renowned artists like Conor Harrington, Phlegm and Invader and supporting well known but also local artists HATCH, Mark McClure and Lillylou the team have worked on over 30 collaborations in just over two years.