L&Q site Bream Street is situated in the heart of Hackney Wick, a much publicised area of regeneration, what is often seen, to the detriment of the artistic community that have long been its lifeblood.

Already supporting local initiatives and events such as Hackney WickED, L&Q identified the negative attitude held by artists towards developers and constrcutors developing the area and wanted to implement a campaign to offer a creative outlet that would mitigate the graffiti seen across other developments.

L&Q sought the help of Wood Street Walls CIC an East London based arts collective, whose artists are currently based in Hackney Wick, to consult on the approach to ensure local talent was represented and 180m of hoardings surrounding the perimeter of the site was covered with artwork.


Wood Street Walls enlisted respected printmaker Aida Wilde, curator of Save Yourselves - a campaign to celebrate Hackney Wick’s artist community and a key voice in the the Hackney Wick community (where her studio is based) to curate the campaign alongside founding Wood Street Walls artists Static.

With the hoardings stretching 180m, it was agreed that each artist would paint 10m and together WSW and Aida consulted with Hackney Wick artists to secure an eclectic mix of styles that was representative of the local community.

The activity was staggered over two weekends with the aim of creating as much noise as possible, whilst also aiding the curation and management of multiple artists painting at the same time.

In order to connect the individual pieces of artwork, key colours from the development scheme’s palette were used and artists were provided with this in the form of emulsion and/or spray paint.

WSW worked alongside respected street art videographer Fifth Wall TV to capture engaging content across the two weekends to be seeded via his social channels to maximise the reach of the activity with the core audience.  


Wood Street Walls worked in partnership with site manager Quadrant Construction to carry a Health and Safety & Risk Assessment of the site and painting area, creating method statements and delivering a Traffic Management report.

The hoardings were erected in two phases, 80m in the lead up to the first weekend of painting and 100m the subsequent weekend, decreasing the risk of vandalism - the final product was coated with anti-graffiti paint, delivered by JRHoardings, enabling the hoardings to be easily maintained and the artwork protected.

Fifth Wall TV, a highly respected videographer documented the whole process end to end, which can be found at the video link above.

Being based in Hackney Wick, it’s important the artistic community is represented - around many developments there can be hoardings or space that have no direct relation to the area, so for L&Q to invite us and also work with Aida to curate this event, demonstrates with the right approach projects like this are positively welcomed into the area.
— Tom Jackson, Co-Founder of Wood Street Walls & one half of artist duo Static
Wood Street Walls worked with L&Q to provide an innovative approach to its standard protective timber hoarding covering and provided a positive visual impact. The collaborative and efficient work by Wood Street Walls enabled safe management during two work periods and provided L&Q with an interactive input to the final product.
— Rose Cooper Thorne - Senior Marketing Manager, L&Q

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